We’re experts in providing rehabilitation services…

Hiring, developing, and retaining a professional therapy staff in today’s health care environment can be an overwhelming task for many rehab providers. Throw in reimbursement challenges, credentialing obstacles, productivity management, liability concerns, and an ever-changing regulatory environment and it’s enough to cause even well-established organizations to lose sight of their mission and purpose. As a provider of contract therapy services for over 15 years, Catalyst Rehabilitation has the expertise and resources required to manage and deliver high-quality rehab services for you.

With nearly 60 licensed therapy and management professionals (PTs, OTs, PTAs, COTAs, and SLPs), Catalyst Rehabilitation has the personnel and expertise to meet the adult rehabilitation needs of Amarillo and communities across the northern Texas Panhandle. Our professional staff has experience working in a wide variety of healthcare delivery settings and is well-versed in the most common electronic documentation systems. If we don’t have an immediate solution for your organization’s needs, we’ll create one!

We currently provide staffing assistance to home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, hospice organizations, and special needs groups.

While our specialty is delivering high-quality physical rehabilitation services to clients of the northern Texas Panhandle, our expertise is frequently sought for home modification recommendations, worksite ergonomic assessment, group screening, and general wellness consulting.

If your organization is looking to simplify the process of delivering high-quality therapy services, Catalyst Rehabilitation may be your solution.

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